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Q. Is it cost effective / time effective to be writing your own articles?

As an internet marketer this is a question you should be asking, not only about writing articles but also about every task you are undertaking. If the answer is no, then you should look to automate the process and then outsource it.

As an internet marketer, your time would be better spent researching a market, improving your conversion rate or developing your next product / service rather than writing an article.

Q. So Why use an article writing service?

Creating articles about your product, service or business can help drive traffic back to your website, promote your affiliate product or build valuable links back to your website from authority websites to help increase your search engine positioning.

However, the problem is that writing articles can be a time consuming process, especially if you have ever experienced writers block where you spend an hour trying to write an article without actually getting anywhere. And even once you have written the article, you then need to get it out there and submit it to various articles directories.

Our Writers:

We have a large team of English speaking writers both in the UK and the US. We offer SEO Articles and Web Content Pages at the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Our team has the ability to handle over 2500 articles a week.

As a customer of Smart Internet Business Solutions you have access to a team of over 50 writers. Each writer has at least 1 year experience in writing SEO articles. Most of the writers have an average of 5 years experience and the top 10 writers have 15 plus years experience.

Our Article Writing Guarantee: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our articles from all of our writers. If you are not totally happy with any of your articles we will rewrite them until you are.

About Our Articles:

  • Each article is unique
  • Each article is 100% Copyscape
  • Each article is keyword specific
  • Our writers check the keyword relevancy/density of each article
  • Typical turn around time 1-3 days depending on quantity ordered


  • 5 Unique Articles
  • Turn around time 1-3 days
  • 500 words per article


  • 10 Unique Articles
  • Turn around time 1-4 days
  • 500 words per article


  • 15 Unique Articles
  • Turn around time 1-5 days
  • 500 words per article


  • 20 Unique Articles
  • Turn around time 2-6 days
  • 500 words per article

**We have found that the optimum length for articles is 500 words and we have a list of packages that meets this requirement.

However, if you require articles that are longer than this, please submit a custom project. The minimum order on any article project is 5 articles**

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