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Q. What is Google Places?

Millions of people use Google every day to find places in the real world. When looking for a business, customers today tend to just “Google” a particular service in their local area. In fact around 40% of all searches involve local terms! – Which highlights the growing trend for people to look for local businesses / services online. Gone are the days of the yellow pages!

In September last year Google launched Place Pages for more than 50 million places around the world, to help people make more informed decisions about where to go; from restaurants and hotels to dry cleaners and bike shops, as well as non-business places like museums, schools and parks.

Place Pages connect people to information from the best sources across the web, displaying photos, reviews and essential facts, as well as real-time updates and offers from business owners.

Q. How can it benefit local businesses?

Place Pages enables a local business to be found on a map when a customer types in a term followed by a location: for example, “plumber kent”.

“Google Maps often appear as the No.1 ranking in the search engine listings for the phrase searched, giving the local business high rankings and FREE QUALIFIED traffic!”

The link on the map then takes the customer to an information page about that business including the following information:

- Business address & location.
- Directions to your business.
- Photos & Videos.
- Opening hours.
- Services provided.
- Coupons.
- Product offerings and more.
- Plus Customer Reviews.


  • Local Business submission for your category
  • Your Business information added as it appears on your website
  • All contact information added to your listing
  • Relevant photos and images added to build credibility
  • Relevant videos added if available
  • 3 positive reviews of your business to increase credibility
  • Your listing keyword optimised so it appears for a number of local terms
  • Traffic figures and monthly reporting available upon request
  • Ongoing monthly package to ensure you stay there!

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